Brand strategy, naming and identity for a start-up partnering with organisations who prioritise the mental wellbeing of their employees.


Life and work have become increasingly interconnected with the pressures of both fusing within the advancements of technology. Workplace Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) are a growing industry as many organisations recognise the importance of their employee’s holistic wellbeing.

Third Collective partners with organisations who see the value of championing their teams and investing in their lives, to ultimately improve performance and retention. Their innovative and fresh approach to EAP help create workplace cultures where people are supported and encouraged to speak openly about their mental health.


We conducted surveys, workshops and market research to develop a brand strategy that would guide the new brand in a competitive market. The Third Collective name was inspired by the concept of the third place – the place we all need outside work and home to lead fulfilling and balanced lives.

This identity is designed to work as a B2B brand, as well as having consumer-facing appeal. By using an uplifting colour palette, typography and key messaging Third Collective resonates emotionally with its audience and lifts the taboo around mental health in a reassuring and accessible way. The logo is representative of both the third place and a collective, as the ‘third’ shapes come together to make a whole. Overall the mission to “Inspire workplaces that empower fulfilling lives” is reflected in an original and spirited brand. By daring to be different Third Collective will stand out in a sea of HR-sameness.

“Working with Three Blocks Left on my brand strategy was an incredible experience. Any business – large or small, established or start-up – would benefit from working with this team. Their ideas are fresh and unique, their eye for design is exquisite, and their human-ness and understanding is way beyond what I have experienced with other agencies. As we moved from the brand strategy and naming into mood boards I was incredibly impressed with how well the brand strategy was translated into the visual design. When you work with Three Blocks Left your brand is in very good hands.”