Reinvigorate a 70 year old event with a new proposition and strategy that speaks to the hearts and minds of all Australians.


Red Cross Calling is the signature legacy event of the Australian Red Cross. For the last 70 years, Red Cross has called on communities nation-wide to dig deep and support their work by holding a public coin donation. It is a testament to the power of small change, given through mass participation. Over time, Red Cross Calling has evolved to offer participants a number of fundraising options. 

We were tasked with reinvigorating the event brand, delivering an over-arching, market-relevant proposition, campaign messaging and personality and visual brand that would bring these activities together, and which is anchored in the mission of Red Cross of connecting communities in times of crisis. 


“All in” pulled from ‘Calling’ is a flexible overarching proposition that speaks directly to the heart of the event, peer-to-peer fundraising and mass community participation. It can be used to build brand equity year on year as the event evolves.

We developed a suite of key messaging that would support the proposition across media channels, fundraising channels and demographics; and a visual brand that gives the campaign personality but remains true to the Red Cross master brand.

The 2019 campaign digital and OOO messaging  “Give like, …” brings the idea of solidarity within communities, asking the donor to imagine the passion and power of giving if it was someone you knew personally. 

A new school-age product was developed in alignment with Red Cross Calling to diversify traditional channels – the “Go Without Challenge”, a deprivation challenge allowing young Australians to experience what it’s like to ‘go without’ and create empathy and meaningful and memorable experiences for the causes they were fundraising for. We further developed the branding and messaging for this product and rollout – “All in to go without” 

Over 1000 students at 525 schools took the challenge, with 78% feeling more connected to the cause by the challenge and 86% likely to participate again.