Engage and inspire the public through the transformational story of Leonidas from Burundi.


The Fred Hollows Foundation (FHF) restores sight to people around the world who are suffering avoidable blindness. They’ve restored sight to more than 2.5 million people, often with a simple, 20 minute operation. The annual Tax Appeal is the largest campaign in the year. It comprises of an integrated campaign across direct mail, digital communications and multimedia channels.

The brief called for a fresh and inspiring way to engage the public and solicit donations through telling the story of Leonidas, a seven year old boy living in extreme poverty in Northern Burundi who received sight-restoring surgery.


Underpinned by the magic of Leonidas’ operation and the transformational impact this will have on his life, and his community, our solution was to tell his story in a way that the public could identify with. As he sees simple objects for the very first time (a light, a pencil, a ball) , the magnitude of that simple pleasure is made clear by contrasting it with the larger effects (access to education, self sufficiency, empowerment etc.) Suddenly seeing a pencil or a ball means so much more.

Every object is contrasted with the hope it represents for Leonidas’ new life, connecting it back to the potential donor, engaging and empowering them. Every donation is restoring so much more than sight.