Show the world what kindness can do in the face of fear and hate, as we face a refugee crisis on a scale never seen before.


The world has never seen a refuge crisis like the one we are currently experiencing. In 2018 there were a record 68.5 million forcibly displaced. For this integrated campaign our aim was to showcase Amnesty as a key player in the fight against fear, hate, blame and scapegoating of refugees by governments globally, including our own, provoking outrage and inspiring action in the public, to solicit support and donations.


This concept brings human values to the forefront of the campaign. ‘Human.Kind.’ fights against the current ‘us vs them’ narrative and the overwhelming statistics. Finding common ground for all humankind, it speaks to the audience – we’re all part of the human family and this refugee crisis desperately needs the core value of kindness, in order for change. It’s about people, helping people.

The key messaging ‘A CRISIS LIKE NEVER BEFORE, NEEDS A KINDNESS LIKE NEVER BEFORE’, introduces the problem at large, and immediately calls for an urgent reaction. It’s asking people to step up and make a personal commitment. Through a unifying narrative and visual language running through the different channels, this campaign is easy to engage with, to understand and clearly demonstrates the difference Amnesty is making.

“I have worked with Kylie and the team at Three Blocks Left for several years on Amnesty’s campaigns. It really was a partnership approach and they invested their time in getting under the skin of our brand and messaging. They were always happy to brainstorm ideas for campaign propositions and take on board our feedback.

Our campaigns on Women’s Rights and Refugee Rights around the world were particularly complex campaigns but they helped us to deliver strong and inspiring content to our supporters. The team are very responsive and always up for discussing new challenges and opportunities.”