Building awareness and support for women around the world, victim to climate disasters and humanitarian emergencies.


Women and girls suffer disproportionately during humanitarian emergencies. More women than men are killed by rapid onset climate disasters, and violence against women and girls increases during all emergencies, especially in conflict and refugee settings.

ActionAid focus on supporting women to rebuild their lives so they can better support their children and have the chance to emerge stronger than before.


Creating campaigns across both the Vanuatu climate disaster and the Rohingya humanitarian emergency, we worked with the team at ActionAid to create campaign propositions and collateral that provides a platform to spotlight the stories of women on the frontline of emergency settings, and puts a face and emotional engagement to these overwhelming statistics.

‘Her Power Within’ draws parallels between the force and disruption of Cyclone Pam, which ravaged Vanuatu in 2015, and the resilient women whose livelihoods and food security were turned upside down. The campaign champions the power within them, overcoming the outcomes of climate emergencies, and building sustainable futures.

‘When her voice is heard’ explores ActionAid’s women’s only safe spaces, set up in the Cox’s Bazar refugee camp and other humanitarian emergency settings around the world. Often women in these settings have had no voice or control over their lives. These spaces empower women and teach them about their rights. With the right support and resources, women are able to speak up and become involved in their communities and take back control of their lives.

“I have had the pleasure of working with the Three Blocks Left team for the last five years on multiple appeals including 5 tax campaigns. With each appeal they have brought their unique creativity, passion and commitment to make them a success.

They have a good knowledge of different audience and approaches, particularly middle donors. They are also excellent at trying innovative techniques like personalised asks and copy into lift pieces to drive response.”