Inspiring support for women in Uganda facing systemic gender-based violence and economic inequality.


Violence against women and girls is the most widespread human rights abuse worldwide. For women in Uganda, violence is a fact of life. More than half of the country’s women will experience some form of violence in their lifetime.

ActionAid works in these communities through their Protection Centres, meeting short, medium and long term needs to empower women economically and give them equal footing. For their tax campaign, we worked with ActionAid to increase the visibility of this issue and ask for financial support from the public.


Using the key story of Millicent, a woman who survived an acid attack by her husband, we developed the campaign proposition ‘Women Pay The Price’.  Paired with Millicent’s image, the true cost of economic inequality to women in Uganda is immediate and confronting.

These women deserve a life free of violence, the freedom to make choices about their lives, access to justice and their basic human rights. The proposition is carried through an integrated campaign, profiling a series of transformational stories of women and the price they had to pay, until receiving support and solidarity at the Protection Centres.

“I have had the pleasure of working with the Three Blocks Left team for the last five years on multiple appeals including 5 tax campaigns. With each appeal they have brought their unique creativity, passion and commitment to make them a success.

They have a good knowledge of different audience and approaches, particularly middle donors. They are also excellent at trying innovative techniques like personalised asks and copy into lift pieces to drive response.”